Greetings & Pleasantries

Reader (if there are any),

You are now reading the words of a 23-year-old who loves to write (but hasn’t had the chance to do so personally in a while) and can be funny at times (Really. Every once in a while I make a quip and my husband laughs really hard and says, “That was funny, you’re funny!” as if this is news to him, so be warned any wit in the blog can apparently come and go in an instant).

In case the last sentence evaded you, I got married two years ago at 21 years old, and between you and me it was a really weird thing to do in the more progressive state of California, though if you live here you knew that already and thought, “Oh, that’s weird.”

In this blog, you’ll find updates on our home remodel, updates on our new puppy (coming soon!), thoughts on life, faith, entertainment, and hopefully travel from the viewpoint of someone just starting out in life. Mostly, you’ll find little anecdotes that hopefully one day can be bound together in a more detailed and entertaining book.

For now, I present some stories and thoughts with, hopefully, a little bit of humor.